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What Are Your Options For Alternative Business Loans? Alternative business loan is a kind of loan that’s acquired via means that differ from usual method of getting loans. Small business owners are going for this kind of loan when their business is at risk or because they just have limited collateral and therefore, it is a lot harder for them to apply for a loan. Startup business loan is one type of alternative business loan, which is almost the same to personal loans. Due to the reason that start up businesses have this tendency to fail in short amount of time, the lending institutions don’t want to put their own funds at higher risk. And when the business owner is rejected to traditional resources for a startup loan, then the individual usually look for other sources available similar to friends, family as well as organizations that are more willing to take risks on startup companies. One organization that is known to be helpful is SBA or Small Business Administration. The way they work is by improving the economic growth by way of helping small businesses. On the other hand, due to the reason that such organizations are more willing to take greater risk with startup businesses, the rates of interest can be higher and they might require equity from your business in order to maintain financial support.
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Cash advance is another known type of alternative business loan. As for the agencies that offer cash advances, they do it against person’s merchant account for specific amount per location. The business needs to accept and process credit cards as well as its locations to become eligible for an advance. Within days, the funds from this type of alternative business loan can be acquired.
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Normally, alternative business funding resources refer to the different available resources to businesses that couldn’t obtain traditional funding. The traditional lenders similar to banks are denying many businesses that have unstable financial history or in need of startup capital. On the other hand, businesses that are in need of funds are assisted by several agencies. One of the common alternative business loans is factoring. When a business has chosen factoring as funding method, it is selling its account receivables at discount to other companies, referred as factor. The business needs to accept and process credit card purchases in order to factor. It also include angel capital or known as angel investor for alternative business resources. Such investor is basically an individual or a private group who is providing funding for the business in exchange for a percentage for the profits made by the business. Usually, majority of investors are organizing group or network in combining their capital.