Businesses – Getting Started & Next Steps

What Are Your Options For Alternative Business Loans? Alternative business loan is a kind of loan that's acquired via means that differ from usual method of getting loans. Small business owners are going for this kind of loan when their business is at risk or because they just have limited collateral and therefore, it is a lot harder for them to apply for a [...]

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How Can Credit Card Processing Online Be More Effective?

Lately, transaction through cash is a passé and people are now switching to credit card as it is less risky, easy to handle and has lot of incentives attached to it. It is [...]

Cardholder Verification in ECommerce Transactions

Businesses that accept payments in card-not-present settings need to implement into their card acceptance procedures for reviewing suspicious transactions a cardholder [...]

Transaction Authorization Routing Guidelines

The authorization of credit card transactions has a significant impact on risk, customer service and operational expenses. Implementing the following set of best practices [...]

Transaction Post-Authorization Guidelines

Web-based merchants should consider sending a confirmation email before completing an order in an eCommerce transaction that received an approval by the card issuer. If the [...]

Safeguarding Cardholder Data Through PCI Compliance

The safety of consumer card account information is critical for the success of eCommerce businesses. Before they order products and services online, consumers want to be sure [...]

Employing Collection Efforts to Recover Losses

Chargebacks are not always caused by fraud or a processing error or another omission on the part of the merchant. In many instances customers are responsible for transactions [...]

Online Credit Card Processing Services – What To Look For

A good credit card processor will offer an accommodating service and will allow you to process your transactions faster and at a better rate. Make sure that the average [...]

Managing Duplicate ECommerce Orders

Duplicate orders are expensive to deal with and ECommerce merchants need to develop procedures to help them identify and prevent such orders from being processed in the first [...]

Make Extra Money From Home And Fire Your Boss! How A Single Mom Makes Money From Her Living Room

When I first started looking for online money, I was so frustrated that I almost concluded making money online is all a big sham! Until I met someone who showed me how I have [...]

Do You Welcome Changes in Your Life Like Changing Careers?

Some people resist changes more than others, there are times when most of us resist change for example when you are thinking of changing jobs or a career or leaving a [...]